A pick up truck and an Acadia collided near Agassiz on Sept. 9. While there were no life-threatening injuries

Bystanders jumped to the rescue in Agassiz car crash

Witnesses pry open door and break window to free vehicle's passengers

At least one victim in a collision at the Highway 7 and 9 intersection is still recovering from injuries at home. The crash happened on Sept. 9, at about 3 p.m. when a northbound vehicle (an Acadia) turned left in front of a southbound pick-up truck, RCMP confirmed this week.

Four passengers in the Acadia were taken to hospital and later released with minor injuries.

The driver of the truck was not taken to hospital.

A parent of one of the passengers involved in the accident said that she was impressed by the number of bystanders who rushed to help in the incident.

She said the occupants of the Acadia could not get out of the vehicle, but people who had stopped at the scene pried the door open and broke a window to help everyone out.

The driver of the northbound vehicle was issued a ticked for failing to yield on left turn.