Miss BC has representative from Agassiz

Pageant judges on talent and accomplishments

Miss BC will be featuring Agassiz contestant Tisha Weiss at the their 2017 pageant. Image Credit/Submitted.

Miss BC has a new contestant from Agassiz, Tisha Weiss, who has entered in the pageant to have the opportunity to be a voice in the community and in the province.

The pageant itself sees contestants as young role models and recognition is given for their talents and accomplishments as opposed to traditional beauty pageants that focus more on physical attributes.

“I entered the Miss BC pageant to gain confidence, new life experiences, as well as personal growth, to meet new people and to make friends. I would also like to inspire other women that may be living with a disability, to know they can accomplish whatever they put their mind to and not to let their challenges in life rule. We are all beautiful, smart and strong. When I leave the program I hope to be more confident and community oriented,” said Weiss.

Miss BC has the opportunity to engage with the community and to make a difference not only on the local front but also to represent charities from across B.C., as well as increasing self-esteem and personal development.

“I feel I have a unique quality, to be able to take whatever life throws at me with a positive attitude and a smile, no matter how many obstacles I face. When you have the right community of people supporting you, a person can conquer whatever the world throws at you,” said Weiss. “I believe this because I have found I can accomplish more and be happier when a community can give and receive support through friends and family. With a little help we can all achieve whatever goals we want to reach.”

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