Ruth Altendorf

Tears shed at Italian performance in hall

Hall's history includes markets, concerts and more

Renate Schwanke has been singing for

Harrison Happenings: Impromptu songs with seniors saved the day

Volunteer's quick action led to long-standing Harrison and Agassiz singing group

Renate Schwanke has been singing for

Harrison: Happenings: Angels didn’t always have wings

Looks, and roles, have changed through the ages, explains Observer columnist Ruth Altendorf

Harrison Happenings: Traditions – the turntable of Christmas

'Traveling' to other lands at Christmas not so difficult

Winter has arrived in the area

Winter’s not sleepy in Harrison Hot Springs

December calendar full of songs and sights once again

Winter has arrived in the area

Harrison Happenings: What would we do without friends?

If you've got friends, you can conquer anything says Observer columnist Ruth Altendorf

Altendorf: Healthy habits taking over traditional mealtimes

Eating well becoming the norm here and overseas

Memories made of sand linger on

Brutal, blowing sand didn't dampen choir's spirit

Choir’s time to sing again

'We proved ourselves worthy' at Chofest

It’s election time — be prepared

Get to know the issues now, not November

Harrison Happenings: Family visits show diversity of Fraser Valley

Summertime offers chance to see things through others' eyes

Harrison Happenings: Let’s hear It for The Observer

Paper expands to include Hope

Harrison Happenings: Our Canada Day in retrospect

Tradition of musical mayors lives on

Harrison Happenings: Election surprises, a wedding and onion pie

Well, wasn't this a very interesting election? I was happy with the…

Harrison Happenings – Silver is still beautiful

Though the Seniors’ Chorfest 2011 is over, the memories will linger on…

Harrison Happenings: Meet the Choir’s Volunteer Hospitality Team

When I accepted to take care of the Chorfest 2011's hospitality portion,…

Marceline Billis: 2011 Chorfest’s torchbearer

Volunteer sets the gears in motion for singing festival to be held in Harrison Hot Springs

Stuffing the ‘Welcome Bags’

It was March 18 in the a.m. when Lea arrived at my house to…

A tribute to two remarkable ladies

Music is in the air due to the work of the dynamic…

Harrison Happenings: The joy of reading cookbooks

I love to read cookbooks; they are fun and entertaining. My favourite…

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