Climate changes the way we eat

Watersheds Coalition invites expert to speak in Agassiz

The Fraser Valley Watersheds Coalition will have a specialist speaking about evolving climate conditions at their next meeting.

Dr. Lenore Newman, Canada Research Chair in Food Security and Environment at UFV, will speak at the Thursday, Oct. 4 meeting, held in the Ag Hall foyer at 6800 Pioneer Avenue in Agassiz.

Newman will be focusing on the challenges and opportunities that changing climates pose for growers.

A summary of the meeting’s topic states that “Canada is experiencing a marked change in climatic conditions, and this poses interesting challenges for a people deeply invested in the concept of winter.

“These changes are particularly critical to our culinary identity; iconic food products such as maple syrup, Alberta beef, and BC salmon are particularly sensitive to changing conditions. Ever innovative, farmers in British Columbia are experimenting with artichokes, and even citrus and olives.”

The meeting begins at 7 p.m. and is open to the public.

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