Though mundane events like by-elections are in the works for the village of Lytton, there's a long way to go to rebuild the community destroyed last summer. (File photo)

Elections officer thanked for working Lytton by-election

Local elections mainstay Bev Kennedy was happy to help in a small way

A long-time District of Kent electoral officer lent her skills to the community of Lytton as they rebuild.

District officials recently received a letter of thanks from the Village of Lytton for Kennedy’s help and for lending the community signage to guide voters to the polling place at Kumsheen ShchEma-meet School during the village’s by-election. Kennedy said she was tapped for the job after a family emergency took the village’s electoral officer to Ontario. Kennedy took two or three trips up to Lytton and worked from her home office.

“I was very pleased to be able to help,” Kennedy told The Observer. “It went off without a hitch. We did a mail-in vote as well to help people vote without physically coming. I’m quite happy to help in a small way.”

Kennedy said the community is still reeling from the disastrous fires that destroyed the town last year, but she’s also been impressed by the commitment and determination the locals showed in getting their community back.

“It looks very bad, as you can imagine, but they’re very interested in rebuilding,” Kennedy said. “I really admire those people. They’re so committed to having Lytton back. People wonder why, but home is home. They’re really pulling out all the stops to get their community back.”


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