New language course available to all ages

A new opportunity to learn an ancient language has opened up at the Agassiz Centre for Education, says administrator Sandy Balascak.

Instructor Vivian Williams will be teaching Halq’eméylem, with classes beginning after the spring break next week.

Williams currently teaches the First Nations language at AESS during the lunch hours.

Another new course for ACE is First Nations 12.

As with all ACE courses including the Halq’eméylem, this one is open to adults, and it can be taken in lieu of Socials 12 or History 12.

Topics covered include relationships to the land, history, legacy of colonialism, cultural expression, oral traditions, the signifance of elders, First Nations role and inequalities in the military, and leadership.

For more information, phone the school at 604-796-9496 or drop by at 7110 Cheam Avenue in Agassiz.