PHOTOS: Winter isn’t through with Agassiz-Harrison yet

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Maybe that groundhog was right – Old Man Winter got in one last bout of snow before February ended. But is that the last one?

Snow coated the Fraser Valley on Sunday, Feb. 26. This directly followed chilly, strong winter winds that blew through Agassiz-Harrison, making for a double dose of frigid conditions for the community.

According to Weather Canada data, just over 31 millimetres of snow on Sunday. This brings the month’s total up to 162.7 millimetres of precepitation, making it far wetter than January (94.2 millimetres) and wetter than last February (125.2 millimetres) as well.

Agassiz-Harrison residents explored the snowy outdoors, showing off their frozen landscapes on local and Observer social media.

Rain, snow or shine, residents are always welcome to submit Community Camera photos by emailing


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