PHOTOS: Yuletide Furry Friends, 2020

Lucky (Darlene Million)Lucky (Darlene Million)
Bella (Deanna Wilson)Bella (Deanna Wilson)
Buddy (Crystal Kootenhayoo)Buddy (Crystal Kootenhayoo)
Foxy (Deanna Fortin Jones)Foxy (Deanna Fortin Jones)
(Carmen Schultz)(Carmen Schultz)
Duke (Jay Bremer)Duke (Jay Bremer)
(Dawn Stott)(Dawn Stott)
Binky (Sarah Penney)Binky (Sarah Penney)
(Cathie Winston)(Cathie Winston)
Kona (Angie MacKinnon Fleming)Kona (Angie MacKinnon Fleming)
(Kim Kenny)(Kim Kenny)
Stan (Sarah Penney)Stan (Sarah Penney)
(Stephanie Mattson)(Stephanie Mattson)
Marty (Tonja Padgett)Marty (Tonja Padgett)
(Summer Colling)(Summer Colling)
Butternut (Autumn Billon)Butternut (Autumn Billon)
(Stephanie Mattson)(Stephanie Mattson)
Bentley (Christine Games)Bentley (Christine Games)
(Kelly Glasmann)(Kelly Glasmann)
Ashley (Clara Hall)Ashley (Clara Hall)
Layla (Kathy Marie Donahue)Layla (Kathy Marie Donahue)
Miya (Alana Mallory)Miya (Alana Mallory)
B3 (Mary Lowry Henry)B3 (Mary Lowry Henry)
(Carmen Schultz)(Carmen Schultz)
(Auntie Val)(Auntie Val)

We asked, you (and Santa) delivered!

This is a gallery of furry friends in Agassiz-Harrison dressed in their festive best!

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