A fleet of 18 Save-On Foods delivery vans took a pit stop at the Esso station outside on the Lougheed Highway between Agassiz and Hope.

Save-On convoy rolls through Agassiz-Harrison to help Hope

Escorted by RCMP, 18 vans made it to fill Hope’s grocery needs

Save-On Foods had a little convoy, rockin’ through the night – on its way to Hope.

Eagle-eyed local photographer Sarah Fraser happened to be at the Esso station at the intersection of Highways 7 and 9 outside of Agassiz on Thursday (Nov. 18) when she spotted a fleet of Save-on shipping vans that shipped groceries to stranded evacuees and empty stores in Hope.

“Ran into the food convoy for Hope at the 7 and 9,” Fraser wrote in a Facebook post. “So amazing to see!”

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There are 13 of the 18 total vans visible in Fraser’s photo.

Landslides, triggered by torrential rain this week, ground both the supply chain and travel through the area to a screeching halt. Road crews worked swiftly and opened up limited traffic in both directions on the Lougheed Highway, allowing commercial vehicles to continue on their way and stranded travelers to begin their journeys home.

In a tweet on Thursday evening, Save-On thanked the District of Hope, local RCMP and the Save-On employees who delivered goods to Hope.

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