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LETTER: Girl Guides seek volunteers

Vivian Walker thankful for the community’s ongoing support

Dear Editor:

Two weeks ago, our 40 Agassiz Harrison Sparks, Brownies, Guides and Pathfinders sold 170 cases of cookies in six hours; about 2,040 boxes! This was not only a one-day record, but we blew the other Chilliwack district units out of the water! We are so proud of our hard-working girl members, their families and our adult volunteers, and we can’t be more grateful to our “north of the river” communities for their tremendous support.

We also want to thank the community for our fabulous meeting space at the Agassiz Ag Hall. The Agassiz Agricultural and Horticultural Association could not be kinder. In the past, local churches have also gone above and beyond to make sure we have meeting space. We are incredibly grateful to these organizations.

What more could we ask for in this lovely community? Well, we are desperate for volunteers to work with our units. Right now, our Brownie unit is at risk of being closed for lack of Guiders. Our other units will likely have waiting lists.

You don’t need to have a child in Guides or to have been a Guide yourself to volunteer. We are looking for women 19+ who are able to pass a background check, are double-vaccinated, and are energetic and enthusiastic. The initial time commitment for a new Guider in our district is about two hours a week. We meet on Thursday nights at the Ag Hall and would love to have you.

You can contact email me at to learn more.

Vivian Walker

Deputy Commissioner, Chilliwack District

Girl Guides Canada

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