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Low water levels expose wires, piping on Harrison Lake shore

Village staff has taken action to re-bury grounding wire, cut piping

Harrison Hot Springs residents are noticing the effects of Harrison Lake reaching historic lows.

Village officials recently addresses some concerns raised by residents in a recent social media post. Low water levels in Harrison Lake have resulted in the exposure of wires and black piping along the shores close the the Waste Water Treatment Plant.

The village states that the exposed piping is not connected to the plant and village staff have cut the pipe out. The exposed wiring, however, is an electrical ground wire that protects equipment at the Waste Water Treatment Plant as well as the workers.

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“Village staff has been directed to cover the exposed ground wire to protect it and prevent tampering or possible theft,” the village stated.

As of Monday morning, Water Survey of Canada indicated the water level at Harrison Lake was just above 8.5 metres. The median water level for this time of year usually hovers around the 9-metre level.

For further context, Harrison Lake’s levels reached 13.23 metres in 2021 due to significant snow melt in higher elevations along the Lillooet River, which moved to the Interior and down in to the Fraser Valley. The high levels prompted a flood watch for the lake and for surrounding homes to prepare sandbags in the event of a flood.

Records for lake levels in Harrison Hot Springs date back 91 years.

Village officials urged anyone with concerns to contact the village by the concerns/request/information form on their website,

The village office can also be reached via phone at 604-796-2171.


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