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10 employees test positive for COVID-19 at Kent Institution

No inmates have tested positive for the virus, although eight have been tested

A number of employees at Kent Institution have tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 11 days.

According to Roger Sehra, acting-Assistant Warden Management Services at Kent Institution, the maximum-security prison has seen 10 employees test positive for COVID-19 since March 20.

No inmates have currently tested positive, with eight tests being delivered to inmates in the past day.

Testing of staff and inmates is continuing to take place, and Sehra said the institution is collaborating with public health to ensure appropriate follow-up measures are in place.

Sehra said the institution has conducted contact tracing for the staff who have tested positive, and those employees are required to self-isolate until cleared for work. Close contacts of those employees requiring self-isolation are being identified and additional testing will be conducted as needed.

Kent Institution is operating on what Sehra called a “modified routine” for health reasons, which means movements within the prison are carefully considered, including between ranges. He said physical distancing is maintained as much as possible.

There are mandatory masks for inmates and staff at the prison, as well as physical distancing measures and an active health screening of anyone entering the prison. There is also increased cleaning and disinfection.

Sehra said Corrections Canada has developed a colour-coded risk level framework which allows it to share information with health partners, unions and stakeholders.

The Agassiz Harrison Observer has reached out for more details on what risk level Kent Institution is currently at.

More to come.


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