Agassiz-Harrison voters came out to the polls today for a variety of reasons. (File photo)

Agassiz-Harrison voters came out to the polls today for a variety of reasons. (File photo)

Agassiz-Harrison, why did you vote this Election Day?

Voters agree on a sense of duty, responsibility to make their voice heard

Agassiz-Harrison voters took to the polls for a variety of reasons this past Monday (Sept. 20).

The Observer asked local voters a simple but important question: Why did you vote in this election?

April Walkem Kennedy is a First Nations woman and said she chose to vote in this election because the Canadian government granted First Nations people the right to vote in 1960.

Donnie Kerr Chettleborough, who cast her ballot for declared winner and incumbent Brad Vis, voted to honour the woman who fought hard to give women the right to vote.

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“We need a change, and the conservatives have the best overall chance of doing that,” Chettleborough added. “To me, voting PPC and other small parties are just giving Trudeau a vote. But no matter who you vote for, it’s your choice, but you should vote.”

Like so many others, Megan Turner said she voted out of a sense of responsibilty and privilege as a citizen.

“Voter apathy makes me incredibly sad,” she said. “I would love to see what Canada would look like if everyone who was eligible voted.”

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Despite some B.C. voters feeling their vote may not count, Greta Rickenbacher said she believes in the power of a single vote.

“Every vote counts,” she added. “One vote adds up to two, and before you know it, (you have) a million votes. We are so fortunate living in this country.”


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