Air sirens will blast next week

Great Shake Out urges residents to be prepared

When you hear the emergency sirens throughout Agassiz next Thursday, don’t be alarmed. It really is just a test.

The Kent-Harrison Emergency Social Services is participating in the Great British Columbia Shake Out Drill, designed to help residents of the province prepare for an earthquake emergency.

And local organizers recently walked door to door, handing out letters inviting all local businesses to join them in the Shake Out, taking place October 20 at 10:20 a.m.

When the emergency air siren sounds off, businesses are asked to employ their emergency plan. For those who don’t have a plan, it’s the perfect time to think about creating one.

ESS volunteer Caroline Harris said it’s especially important for businesses to think about how an emergency will affect customers, or visitors to the business.

The letter asks three questions: Are you and your employees aware of what to do in an emergency? Are you prepared to assist customers and clients who may be in your business during an emergency? and, Is there potential for harm from falling objects, and what can you do to secure safety?

Businesses and residents can register to participate in the Shake Out, at The website also contains more information on how to be prepared in any emergency.

This is intended to be an annual province-wide event, occurring on the third Thursday of every October.