An overhead view of the Long Island fire on Aug. 6 in north Harrison Lake. (Photo/B.C. Wildfire Service)

An overhead view of the Long Island fire on Aug. 6 in north Harrison Lake. (Photo/B.C. Wildfire Service)

As weather cools, wildfires wane in north Harrison Lake area

Almost all local wildfires under control, BCWS says

As cooler weather sets in and after nearly a month of burning, the Harrison area wildfire scene has considerably settled down.

B.C. Wildfire Service reports all six wildfires in the northern Harrison Lake area are either being held or are listed as under control as of Friday, Aug. 27.

The Long Island wildfire, which triggered an island-wide evacuation order and put multiple cabins in jeopardy, is under control and listed as 256 hectares in size. The wildfire is confined to the north end of the island.

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Four significantly wildfires are listed as under control; only the Clear Creek wildfire is listed as “being held,” down to 465 hectares in size.

BCWS defines “under control” as the wildfire being suppressed enough to ensure it spreads no further. “Being held” is similar, but it specifically means the wildfire is not likely to spread beyond predetermined or current boundaries.

The Clear Creek wildfire is also under “modified response,” which means the wildfire will be or has been contained in a predetermined perimeter, whereas “full response” indicates a wildfire that needs immediate and sustained suppression.

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All six current wildfires were started by lightning, according to BCWS.

As of Thursday, there have been 1,553 wildfires province-wide in 2021. 236 wildfires are active.


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