Bad driving through Rosedale overhead construction

RCMP ask motorists to respect red lights, speed limit

Waiting to cross the single-lane bridge to access Agassiz and Harrison has become a daily routine for many locals, thanks to the $36 million Highway 9 Rosedale overhead deck widening and seismic safety retrofit project.

But some drivers are less concerned about delays and more worried about safety.

Sgt. Darren Rennie says RCMP have received traffic complaints from motorists who have reported other drivers running red lights as they cross the single-lane bridge.

In response, local RCMP have reached out to Fraser Valley Traffic Services (FVTS) for help with traffic enforcement in the area.

“Members of the FVTS and the Agassiz RCMP are looking to work together on a short-term project targeting violators,” Rennie said in an emailed statement.

“One FVTS officer has stopped over 40 violators at the railway bridge alone.”

Rennie said violators have been stopped by police for passing on a double solid line and failing to stop for the red light.

“We ask all drivers to plan ahead and be patient when entering the construction zone and respect the 50 km/h construction zone,” he said.

“There are construction workers who want to go home at the end of the day. Our officers have been and will continue to enforce the motor vehicle act in this area.”

According to the Transportation Projects BC website, the construction project will enhance safety and reliability of the bridge and will include conc rete parapets and steel bicycle fences. The project is estimated to be complete by spring 2018, but design and construction of the Agassiz Rosedale Bridge will begin shortly after.