Cougar attacks are rare. (File Photo)

Cougar attacks are rare. (File Photo)

Cougar seen in Seabird Island area

Community members asked to be vigilant

A cougar has recently been spotted in the Seabird Island community.

Cougars are seldom seen in Agassiz-Harrison and are, during this time of the year, focused on protecting their cubs.

Though cougar attacks are rare, encounters always carry a risk of serious injury or worse. If you encounter a cougar, remain calm and never run; cougars can run up to 35 mp/h and jump as high as 18 feet from a seated position. Make yourself appear big, stretch your arms out and speak loudly and confidently. Pick up small children and pets immediately as they would be the most at risk in the event a cougar attacks.

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Seabird Island officials recommend avoiding trails and shortcuts at this time and to only go outdoors in groups of two or more. Secure garbage and other animal attractants and take garbage to the curb only on the morning of pickup day.

According to WildSafeBC, cougars accounted for 2,500 calls to the Conservation Officer Service last year. However, many cougar sightings ended up being animals other than cougars.


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