Crime wave hits Harrison Mills

Property thefts and mailbox break-ins hit the small community west of Agassiz

A crime wave has hit Harrison Mills over the last couple weeks, with property thefts in and around Tapadera Estates as well as mailbox thefts throughout Harrison Mills.

Agassiz RCMP confirm there have been at least five crimes located in the Harrison Mills area recently. The crimes are under investigation and it is not known yet whether they are related.

“It seems like in this last week that area has just been a hot spot for some property crimes,” cited an Agassiz RCMP member.

Kelly Davison is the owner of a Coquitlam fishing store, Sea Run Fly & Tackle. His home in Harrison Mills was robbed some time last weekend. On their Facebook page, they wrote that his house was, “gutted and raided completely over the weekend. Everything was stolen. His jet boat, brand new motors, rods, reels, original paintings, and many other personal irreplaceable items.”

The post has been shared as of Tuesday afternoon more than 2,000 times with more than 200 commenters expressed outrage and concern for Davison, who was not available for comment by The Observer’s press time.

Harrison Mills has also been the site of at least three or four mailbox thefts over the last few weeks.

Al German is a Harrison Mills resident. He wants to make sure residents know there’s been an increase in crime in his community and suspects it’s because thieves have figured out that, due to their location, it’s a slower response time for RCMP to arrive on-scene in Harrison Mills. He himself has been the victim of theft while living in Harrison Mills when his boat was stolen two years ago.

His neighbourhood was one of the sites of mailbox theft.

“We had our mailboxes all demolished, pried open, probably three weeks ago,” says German.

If you are the victim of mailbox theft or have any information about the recent spate of robberies, call the Agassiz RCMP detachment at 604-796-2211.