Forestry watchdog auditing Lakeside

Forestry watchdog auditing Lakeside

Board to examine harvesting, road, silviculture practices

The Forest Practices Board is auditing the activities of Lakeside Pacific Forest Products Ltd. (Lakeside) near Harrison Lake during the week of Oct. 16.

The board, self-defined as “B.C.’s independant watchdog for sound forest practices” will examine if all harvesting, roads, silviculture, fire protection and planning carried out between October 2015 and October 2016 met requirements of the Forest and Range Practices Act and the Wildfire Act.

Forest Practices Board communications director Darlene Oman says the organization does eight to 10 audits a year and each audit is selected at random.

“We randomly select a forest district and within the district we’ll have a look to see who’s been operating in the area [and] who has not been audited in recent years,” she says. “And through that [process] we came up with Lakeside for this particular audit.”

Lakeside operates both east and west of Harrison Lake, 25 kilometres north of Harrison Hot Springs.

The board will prepare a public report once the audit is complete.