Canada Geese line up near Harrison Lake and Lagoon. (Adam Louis/Observer)

Canada Geese line up near Harrison Lake and Lagoon. (Adam Louis/Observer)

Harrison answers pressing lagoon questions

GetIntoItHarrison hosts a recently-published FAQ page

As tourists and locals seek lakeside shelter from summer’s lingering heat, questions have long surrounded Harrison Lagoon.

The village of Harrison Hot Springs staff recently released a frequently asked questions page about the lagoon, via their secondary feedback website The page answeres many basic questions about the smaller body of water right next to Harrison Lake and allows space for users to submit their own questions.

As seen plainly in recent months, Harrison Lagoon rises and falls with Harrison Lake; this is due to a berm made of rock and sand between the two bodies of water that allows water to pass through from the lake to the lagoon.

There are a few questions concering potential presence of high levels of E. Coli bacteria. This is a common issue during the summer, particularly in the lagoon. High enough levels may trigger contamination warnings from Fraser Health; the health authority may ask the vilalge post warning signs in contaminated areas if levels consistently exceed 200 E. Coli bacteria per 100 millilitres of water. The presence of the bacteria is “highly unlikely” to cause illness, the village states, but the water in the lake and lagoon alike are not treated for human consumption.

Dogs are not allowed on the beach, but they may be walked along pathways and in parks while on a leash throughout the village.

The FAQ section also warns against ice skating in the winter time, directing skaters to instead use the recently-expanded Starlight Rink when the season comes.

“Ice conditions are not tested and the lagoon is very deep,” the site warns. “People and pets are at high risk of going through the ice due to these uncertain conditions. Do not attempt to walk or skate on the lagoon.”

For more frequently asked questions and to submit your own question, visit


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