A blood-sucking good-for-nothing mosquito.

A blood-sucking good-for-nothing mosquito.

Low flood risk good news for Fraser Valley mosquito haters

Forecasts suggest ‘a relatively normal year’ for timing and abundance of pests

Below-normal snowpack conditions in the Fraser River basin are good news for those concerned about floods – but also mosquito populations.

With low snow levels making a significant Fraser River flood unlikely during the 2017 freshet, the Fraser River Regional District says it also reduces the likelihood of above-average outbreaks of the blood-sucking pests.

A report from the Fraser Valley Regional District, which pays a contractor to try to limit larval development, says “the early forecasts are that 2017 should be a relatively normal year with respect to timing and abundance of floodwater mosquitoes within the region.”

The report cautions, however, that rapid snow melt and/or rain could still impact mosquito populations.

Mosquitoes are expected to make themselves felt later than in recent years, when warmer temperatures led the Fraser River to peak as early as May 8.

Anyone who spots a potential mosquito breeding site is asked to call the FVRD mosquito hotline at 1-888-733-2333.

Field workers treat breeding areas by hand or helicopter with a bacterial larvacide that targets only the mosquitoes.