The Bungalow Motel was demolished in May. A developer is looking to build mixed residential/commercial space in its place at 511 Lillooet Road. (Screenshot/Google Maps)

The Bungalow Motel was demolished in May. A developer is looking to build mixed residential/commercial space in its place at 511 Lillooet Road. (Screenshot/Google Maps)

Public meeting set for development on former Bungalow Motel site

Meeting is next Thursday, Aug. 26 at 11 a.m. at Harrison Beach Hotel

Saltus Developments is hosting a public information meeting on Thursday, Aug. 26 concerning a rezoning application to redevelop the former Bunaglow Motel (511 Lillooet Road) into a six-storey mixed use commercial and residential development.

The meeting takes place at 11 a.m. at Harrison Beach Hotel.

“The purpose of the Public Information Meeting is to introduce the proposed changes in parcel density, lot coverage and building height and to invite comments from the public regarding this application,” the notice from Saltus Developments states. The notice states that while this is not classified as a public hearing, a summary of comments received at the meeting will be provided to village officials following the meeting.

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The buildings of the Bungalow Motel were torn down in late May, which brought mixed emotions from residents and those who had memories of the property. A number of historic items have apparently been saved.

The village council is not scheduled to make a final decision on the property before the public meeting. During the special council meeting on July 27, the village council read through the first and second reading of the proposal.

According to a report from the village, the rezoning application is consistent with the intent of the Official Community Plan and the proposed use is consistent with permitted land use.

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The proposed building would hold approximately 1,044 square metres of commercial space and have room for 124 dwellings or condos with possibilities for short-term tourist accommodation. The development would be about 0.43 hectares in size. As for parking, the submitted proposal calls for a two-storey parkade and 31 bicycle parking stalls. The proposal also includes a courtyard accessible to the public and an outdoor common amenity area to be opened to residents and visitors.

The developer has also offered a number of public realm improvements, which includes public art (up to $10,000), new benches and sidewalk and new public trees.

This public meeting is required under the direction of village council, per the Development Procedure Bylaw. Following the Aug. 26 meeting, the village’s Advisory Planning Committee will review the proposal before it comes back to council, where a public hearing will be held in the near future.

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Saltus Developments is hosting the meeting as a requirement under the direction of Council per the Development Procedure Bylaw. The Village of Harrison Hot Springs is not directly involved in this public information meeting. The Observer regrets the error.