Q & A with Electoral Area-C director candidates

‘Sasquatch Country’ candidates answer the Observer’s questions

Questions for Electoral Area-C director candidates:

1. What two qualities make you suited for a leadership role?

2. What is the biggest challenge facing the communities in Electoral Area-C and how do you plan to address it?

3. Give two concrete examples of how you will make decisions that reflect the will of the diverse communities in this region.

4. How will you address and advocate for health care in Electoral Area-C?

Annie Silver


1. I have the confidence and ability to communicate and work collaboratively with all people, regardless of social circles and roles we hold in society.

I have a passion to create positive change that will benefit our communities and future generations. I am forward thinking and believe in collaborative working relationships between all parties involved.

2. Area C residents presently have to look to the adjacent larger population centers of Mission, Abbotsford, Agassiz, Hope and Chilliwack for their health care requirements. Health services such as hospitals, ambulances, pharmacists, doctors/nurses, walk-in clinics, and additional supplementary care services, such as psychologists, chiropractors, dentists, nutritionists and massage therapists are a lengthy distance from Area C.

3. I will firstly make myself available to the constituents of Area C. Listening to the people, hearing what they have to say and determining what methods would be most viable options.

I am also a supporter of advisory boards/committees to engage residents in the decision making process. It is much easier to have people to communicate with, brainstorm ideas and work on making recommendations on the most suitable options available.

4. Engaging First Nations communities, working with Fraser Health and First Nations Health Authority and the provincial/federal governments to garner the support to support the proposed health center. Provide support to the advancement of the current proposed project that is already in process. This center will provide benefit to all Area C residents.

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Wendy Bales


1. Honesty and genuine compassion for our Community.

2. People want to know their voice matters. When government goes against consensus, people understandably lose hope that their concerns and wishes are being heard.

Communities with Area-C have their own individual issues. Some concerns overlap. Some involve the whole. All are important and deserve appropriate attention and care.

I will listen to the people and go with the consensus.

I will do my research and consistently communicate relevant information to our residents, as I did while serving my 2 terms as director. I fully understand how local tax-based government works. This gives me the strong and distinct advantage of skipping the learning curve, hitting the ground running and getting the work done efficiently and effectively for our community.

3. Communication is essential.

I will hold public meetings, email information as I have in my past terms, enabling people to get facts, speak their minds and become an important part of the decision making process.

The Official Community plan re-evaluation is way overdue. I will involve residents to help prioritize improvements and protect what they love about the area.

Again, consensus of the people will drive my decisions.

4. I take it seriously. Many, especially our increasing senior’s population are and will be in need of healthcare nearby. Also, providing adequate homecare options is important.

Leq’a:mel, have done a great job of managing a solution for a portion of area C. with their new clinic open to nearby residents. However, more help is needed within our Area. I will be persistent in working on location issues. I will work on behalf of the Area-C communities with various health authorities towards a tangible plan, to bring the much needed localized healthcare facilities.

Visit www.bales4areaC.ca for more information.

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Mel Waardenburg


1. What two qualities make you suited for a leadership role? My past experiences as both an owner of a private company to my present position as the Executive Director of the Fraser Heritage Society, a non-profit organization which operates the Kilby Historic Site, makes me uniquely qualified for a leadership role as your Electoral Area C Director.

2. There are many challenges facing the communities in Area C but I think the one thing that encompasses most of the challenges would be to review and update the Official Community Plans for Area C and Sasquatch Mountain. As we work towards this goal we will be able to identify the many issues and address them through community consultations with the local area residents, user groups and stakeholders. Through this process, we would be incorporating the wishes of the majority into the long term plan for the future of our growing communities.

3. I will make decisions based on the input from the different communities that is generated from the consultations we will have in regards to updating the Official Community Plan. This is an important document that encompasses the identification of different land uses in Area C, such as zoning, parks and trails, heritage values, environment, transportation, tourism, communication, etc. and incorporates those issues into an OCP that will be the basis for most decisions as we grow our beautiful area.

4. First we need a plan that will identify the need and the project scope. For example, what is it that we need, what are the expectations, where will it be located, who will build it, who will operate it and how will we secure long term funding and from whom. Then we can use the plan and business model to advocate for its successful implementation.


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