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Restriction on tent size, barbecue locations possible for Harrison beaches

Residents will be seeing a draft bylaw head back to council on the barbecue issue

The debate on barbecues could be heading to a close, with Harrison council voting to have staff bring back a draft bylaw restricting barbecues to the beachfront between Maple Street and Rendall Park.

At the November committee of the whole meeting, Harrison council discussed a petition from business owners to restrict sunshades and barbecues on the waterfront.

Back in September, nearly 20 businesses brought forward a request to restrict visitors from bringing tents and barbecues to the beach, saying it impacted restaurant business and sight lines along the waterfront.

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At the time, council shared its concerns about the impact these things were having on businesses, but also the possible issues restrictions would make for the village. Councillor Samantha Piper was the most opposed to the restrictions — particularly limiting barbecue use to Rendall Park and eliminating tents — saying there was both a health and traffic concern for residents and visitors.

Council requested staff come back with more information on potential restrictions or bans on tents and barbecues.

At the November committee of the whole meeting, staff brought forward letters from Tourism Harrison, the village Fire Department and the Chamber of Commerce, all of which recommended some restrictions on the types of barbecues and tents allowed on the beach.

Tourism Harrison and the Chamber were both in favour of a restriction on the size of tents, although Tourism Harrison preferred a full ban on barbecues while the Chamber suggested limiting them to Rendall Park. For safety reasons, the fire department recommended that all propane tanks on the beach be limited to 20 pounds or less.

Council decided to ask staff to bring back a draft bylaw (with Piper opposed), which would regulate the size of sunshades and tents, as well as restrict barbecues to the area between Maple Street and Rendall Park. Propane tanks would be limited to canister-style cylinders.

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