(Nina Grossman/The Observer)

(Nina Grossman/The Observer)

CELEBRATING 125: Message from the mayor

Kent mayor Sylvia Pranger invites the community to celebrate 125 years of incorporation

To all members of this beautiful community and visitors alike,

What a privilege it is to celebrate 125 years as a community. Although a lot has changed, much has not. Our fundamental values and the integrity of a small, tight-knit community is still strong. We are still an agricultural, railway-linked area but have become much more diverse.

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We are surrounded by beautiful mountains, lush farm land, the mighty Fraser River and lovely forested lands. Who could wish for more?

In 1995 at our 100th birthday, the theme was “Come Alive in ‘95”. That certainly happened and we have continued to be a thriving, vibrant warm and friendly place to live, work and play.

Take the time to rediscover the community. Invite family and friends from all around the area and abroad to visit and celebrate with us.

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On behalf of all of council and staff of the District of Kent, please join us at the regular meeting on Monday, Jan. 27 at 7 p.m. to see your council members dressed in period costume while re-enacting decisions made during the year 1895.

– Syvlia Pranger, mayor of the District of Kent

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