Check the facts, vet services improving

Let's all cool down and stop promoting idiocy, says letter writer

RE: Veterans service cuts under fire, (Observer, Feb. 6, 2014)

Frankly – this whole thing is inspired by the NDP who seldom thinks through anything.

Check the facts – I never had the necessity to travel to Vancouver to discuss my problems. Why? Because I still have the ability to pick up the phone and dial the 800 number to get the answers.

But they are closing the Kelowna and Prince George Offices — true but they are taking away the Veterans phones nor his 800 number.

But but but it’ the beginning of the end….etc, etc, etc.

Well hardly as I still have my phone and 800 number so….? And instead of calling Vancouver – I can now call CHILLIWACK in fact to the Canada Service Office which was the old HSBC bank two years or more ago, and if any Veteran needs his hand holding – they can do as good a job as Vancouver ever did – as he is doing his shopping.

So let’s all cool down and stop promoting this idiotic NDP attack to embarrass the present Government — if they get into office then we shall see changes we really won’t like.


Tom Canning

Ex British 21st Tank brigade

in support of Cdn 1st Div all through Italy