Diverting traffic in Agassiz won’t solve speed problems

People who disobey the law need to be punished to avoid future tragedies

I keep reading about the people along the “back roads” in Agassiz wanting something to be done about people speeding along their streets and of how a young girl was hit along one of those roads (I am so sorry to hear this happened). I think that instead of the district installing costly roundabouts or speed bumps that the police need to patrol all the streets in Agassiz more. The speeding does not just happen on the side roads!

I live along #9 Hwy where the speed limit is 50kms an hour and I constantly seeing people doing way over the speed limit and using the highway as a “speedway”. I have a young child who along with 6 other children in our complex have no choice but to walk along there to get to and from school.

I think that wasting money on speed bumps and roundabouts is not the solution as the people that use those roads will just come speeding through town along Hwy 9. These people that feel the need to disobey the law by speeding need to be punished before another young child is injured or worse, killed.

C. Ferguson