EDITORIAL: Time for a performance review

EDITORIAL: Time for a performance review

Editor Grace Kennedy marks three months at the paper by asking for your feedback

It’s hard to believe I’ve been at the Agassiz Harrison Observer for three months.

In this short time, I’ve covered the triumphs and falls of our local basketball team, the excitement of a school’s long-awaited logo reveal, the aftermath of two devastating fires and the anniversary of a protest-inducing application.

I’ve made mistakes — I won’t deny that. And I feel that I’ve had some successes too. I feel welcomed into these two wonderful and unusual towns, and I’m excited to continue reporting in them.

But now it’s time for some reflection. And I need your help.

Below is a report card showcasing five different areas of the Agassiz Harrison Observer that require consideration: story diversity, community balance, story depth, social media and our overall performance.

My hope is that you will consider these five areas, provide feedback on what you see and send it back so the paper can improve.

Should we be covering more stories from communities like Sts’ailes and Seabird Island? Should we bring back council briefs? Do we need to do more live videos and other social-media-only coverage?

The report card may be a little silly, but the desire to make sure this paper is informing the community definitely isn’t.

So even if you don’t print out this report card, let me know what you think.

The people of Agassiz and Harrison deserve coverage that reflects them. You can help make that happen.

-Grace Kennedy, editor

You can reach Grace Kennedy over email (grace.kennedy@ahobserver.com), on the phone (604-796-4302), at the office (7167 Pioneer Ave) or by direct messaging any of the Observer’s social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).


EDITORIAL: Time for a performance review