‘Impressive’ work on the Miami River

On behalf of the Miami River Streamkeepers, I would like to thank the many volunteers who came out on Thursday March 24 to help plant the 300-block of the Miami River. Riparian restoration improves the habitat for all users – birds, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, beneficial insects, fish, and people.

The project is part of the “Miami Creek Water Quality Improvement and Environmental Damages Restoration Initiative,” funded jointly by Environment Canada’s Environmental Damages Fund and the Village of Harrison Hot Springs.

The Miami River Stream Keepers contribute inkind support. This project focuses on the Miami River from Hot Springs Road to McCombes Road.

A representative from the Environmental Damages Fund viewed the project site on March 29.  She told representatives of the MRSk that the number of native shrubs and trees planted was impressive. Well done, folks!

On behalf of the Miami River Streamkeepers,

Janne Perrin

Harrison Hot Springs