Proud families snap shots of the Agassiz Centre for Education’s graduating class of 2018. (File Photo)

Proud families snap shots of the Agassiz Centre for Education’s graduating class of 2018. (File Photo)

LETTER: ACE transition, or closure, not acceptable

One letter writer feels administrator Sandy Balascak was being ‘railroaded’ by SD78

I attended the meeting on Thursday, Oct. 24, held by SD78 to in inform people about the transition of ACE students into a library room in the main school library.

There were concerned parents who were very constructive in giving explanations as to why the transition would not work for their young adult:

• Issues of anxiety which affects mental health

• Bullying from the main school children

• ACE tailors the program for students to do schoolwork in a manner that they can cope with, and this has proven to be successful.

I found the ACE youth to be highly intelligent and they gave their views as to why it would not be good for them to move back into the main school.

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The youth and parents were not listened to and were merely there for SD78 to inform them of what is and is not happening. I was disgusted at the disrespect that parents and youth were given. They are part of our community and deserve better than this.

Sandy Balascak has done an outstanding job communicating with the youth and was complimented by parents and youth. She has changed and routed these youth to a stage that they can work and function with everyday life issues.

My observation was that I felt Sandy had been railroaded by SD78 and forced into a corner to move into the library with the 17 registered youth at ACE. The reason given for the transition was safety of children and Sandy, yet when I spoke with parents they were not aware of any safety issues. I believe this to be an excuse and a money-saving venture at the cost of the ACE students and Sandy Balascak’s reputation by SD78.

– A Concerned Resident

*Editor’s note, due to connections with the school, the letter writer requested their name not be included in the publication of their letter.

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