Letter: Citizens should hold incumbents accountable

Letter: Citizens should hold incumbents accountable

As a resident of the village of Harrison Hot Springs, I am totally opposed to the proposed gravel quarry at 3628 Hot Springs Rd. in Agassiz, only about a kilometre from the entrance of our resort municipality.

The reasons for my opposition include, but are not limited to, the adverse effects that this totally inappropriate intrusion into our community would have on air quality, peace and quiet, traffic, wildlife, farm animals, tourism, businesses, recreational opportunities and the inevitable loss of agricultural land from the vital activity of food production. Stop the quarry!

I am very disappointed with the involvement of the District of Kent mayor, council and bureaucrats who, in my opinion, appear to be sanctioning, enabling and facilitating, if not encouraging, this affront to their own residents and neighbours to the north.

I find their protestations that they are powerless to oppose it, “must remain impartial” and cannot express any opinion regarding the proposed mine while the provincial ministry is deliberating over the approval of the mine permit application laughable in light of the participation of their director of development services, Darcey Kohuch, as a spokesman for the proponents (Timbro Contracting / TC Merritt Valley Farms) at their recent “open house/information presentation” at the Agricultural Hall in Agassiz on July 4.

It is my sincere hope that the citizens of Agassiz and the District of Kent hold the incumbents accountable in the upcoming municipal elections, since they will also be the victims of the effects of this completely inappropriate enterprise if it is allowed to proceed.

These “public servants” will have been responsible for allowing the increased dump truck traffic along Highway 9 through Agassiz, along with the noise, debris on the highway and dust in the air that will surely result and the loss of farm land – all in the name of profit for a few.

Hold them accountable!

– Dennis Hill, Harrison Hot Springs

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