LETTER: Coronavirus isn’t a game

Naomi Olsen of Harrison Mills implores residents to keep to the rules

Dear Editor,

Why is it I continue to hear many people complaining how car accidents cause more death than COVID-19, or drownings or some other stupid excuse, or those who think life should re-open now as it was?!

Well, if someone is in a car accident and dies, and if I happen to be standing next to him, I am not likely going to die in a car accident. I’m not likely to fall down dead if an unfortunate person has drowned.

People, if someone coughs on you with this virus running amok, your chances and the chances of your loved ones of getting the virus are high. Your possibility of survival depends on health before you were infected and your age.

Think about that before you start complaining life is so tough on you. Think about the people working in prisons, like my son and other sons and daughters. Think about the doctors and nurses who we depend on for our life and wellbeing.

Just stop and think; that would be an awesome idea. I would love to go shopping without worry and go out dining and visit my grandchildren and tell them I love them face-to-face and not over a computer screen. Yet until all you people who don’t give a darn enough to follow a few simple rules, we will never get back to normal – ever!

Naomi Olsen

Harrison Mills

P.S. I went through another virus in the fifties called Polio, and didn’t come out so wonderful, don’t add this to the list. Stay home!!

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