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LETTER: Harrison Mills a bastion of nature

Having read the article in the Agassiz-Harrison Observer of Nov. 12, 2021 about Sandpiper Golf Resort’s development proposal, I would make comment to them, the Fraser Valley Regional District, Fisheries B.C., and the provincial government of B.C. that we are but temporary custodians of the environment during our short lifetimes.

It’s our duty not to abuse and defile that where future generations and riparian ecosystems will live, enjoy, and harmonize.

The area of Harrison Mills will not survive as a nature wonderland with anything like needlessly concentrated housing and overtly expanded commercial enterprises.

Harrison Mills is a bastion for nature. It has one of the few untouched salmon spawning grounds, Elbow Creek, and the concentration of eagles during spawning season is not matched anywhere.

Progress and human population growth will happen, but look to the protection of the environment and its ecosystems. Don’t touch the Elbow Creek riparian area. Turn it into a designated regional or provincial eco park. The environment with its ecosystems keeps us alive and well. Look to the long term, not the short term of fast profits which cause disharmony and unbalance for all, now and in the future.

Don’t have a narrow view like generations past that we still feel the repercussions of and are trying to correct.

Greg Tait

Harrison Mills

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