LETTER: John Green deserves broader recognition

Letter writer Mike Jeves from Langley wants more recognition for John Green – who passed away this month – from the community.

So sorry to hear the passing of John Green. I was a resident of Harrison for 12 years, and had the pleasure of working with John on the board of the Sand Sculpture Society for four years until the end of it.

As you wrote of John achievements in Harrison (Remembering John Green’s indelible footprint, Observer, June 9), I am extremely disappointed of no acknowledgements within the community of the fact that he was a building block in the growth and development of Harrison to make it a place on the map.

There is not a road sign, a bridge over Miami River or even a bench.

Shame on you.

Could it be political? He didn’t vote for the council of the day. John Green should be remembered in Harrison Hot Springs

Mike Jeves, Langley

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