LETTER: Kent council going against the majority

Alan Prior of Agassiz slams council for its actions against residents’ wishes

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Dear Editor:

With regards to the Kent District Council decision to AGAIN try to remove the “Teacup” properties from the ALR, I was present at the meeting held about this, and a majority of those present were NOT in favour of the proposal. Then, the council had the survey, again the majority were against the proposal.

Why does this council go against the wishes of the majority? Is it all they can see is the $3 million promised by the developer? Over the 20-year development period, that’s only $150,000 per year. That $150,000 won’t be worth anything; even now it’s only the mark up on one house.

It’s time for the mayor and councillors to pay heed to their own survey and listen to the residents and homeowners who employ them.

Alan Prior


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