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LETTER: The advantages and disadvantages of local parks

Pivot Point instructor Katrina Crosby shares her students’ thoughts on local parks

As part of our Social Skills lessons at Pivot Point Learning Centre, we are always looking at the ways we interact with our community here in Agassiz.

We research, discuss, and learn what we like about our community, how we can contribute and be involved.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, just like everyone else, we have not been able to connect with our community as much as we would like, so we had a discussion about what we can still do.


Our conversation led us to learn about what it means to critique, and how to look at a ‘cons’ list and imagine how they might actually be ‘pros’ to other people or different situations. We graphed out what each of our students feel about the parks in the town centre that we most often visit.

We came up with some positive things to say, and wondered about how to share this information in a way that others might find helpful. One of the older boys wrote the following:

Today we are writing about the critique for the ‘Museum Park’ (Pioneer Park), the advantages that it has over others is that: it has more kids going to this park than the others, our opinion is that the double swing is excellent and efficient. Another distinct advantage is that you can enter the museum at the same time or on the way, and it is also surprisingly decent for parkour regiments.

The disadvantage is that it can be too busy. The reason why it is a disadvantage is due to the fact some people have social anxiety. Also due to social distancing purposes to prevent the spread of SARS-COVID-19, too many people can’t be there at the same time. 🙂

The conclusion is that the ‘Museum Park’ (Pioneer Park) is the most recommended for parkour, and playing around on the playground (while wearing a mask).

As the instructor, I would just like to add that we have had positive experiences at all of the parks we have spent time at here in Agassiz and Harrison. They have always been clean, well maintained and best of all, the other park visitors have always been welcoming and happy to share.

-Katrina Crosby, Pivot Point Learning Centre, Agassiz

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