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LETTER: Why should cafes close while other shops stay open?

Agassiz resident Krystle Jores shares her concerns about the new public health orders

I am writing to you on behalf of my cafe in Agassiz B.C., which has a COVID capacity of 30 people, with two washrooms, plexiglass, spaced out tables, sanitizers and COVID rules that are followed to a T.

This closure has already caused us to cut staff hours in half as we try to get by with take-out only.

Out of sadness and frustration I ask of you, one year later, why restaurants are ordered to close again. Is it really helping if the numbers are increasing after all these closures?

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Why is Castle Fun Park in Abbotsford B.C., an indoor amusement park for children, that serves food, allowed to stay open?

Why did I drive past the local flower and plant shop, Minter Gardens in Chilliwack B.C., yesterday to see over 200 cars in the parking lot? Inside must have been swamped — not possible to distance with that many people in such a small space.

Why are international flights still permitted? Why are BC ferries allows to serve food for dine in, but restaurants and cafes cannot?

I have searched and searched, and cannot find anything online pertaining to a correlation between COVID outbreaks and risks in restaurants. I would appreciate some insight to all of this.

To me, food is more essential than gardening, amusement parks, alcohol, and travel for fun.

Thank you for your time.

-Krystle Jores, Agassiz

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