LETTER: You can reuse agricultural plastic creatively

Harrison resident John Allen shares how he reuses agriculture products

Re: Agassiz’s agricultural plastics program heading to the dump, unless province steps in

Dear Editor,

I have been re-using /recycling Agassiz’s one-tonne agricultural fertilizer bags (ag bags) for years.

They are very useful for collecting leaves, garden waste, grass clippings and small brush. I think that they might even work as composting bags.

Currently, I am using them to handle drain rock. I put eight in my trailer, held open with fence posts and go to Armstrong’s quarry where they are quickly half filled with drain rock.

When I get home, I hoist them with my loader or excavator and hang them over the place I need to put the material. Opening the chute/nozzle on the bottom drains the material exactly where I need it.

They are also great for soil, bark mulch, firewood and wood chips. I get mine from my neighbour, Duane Post, and he doesn’t slash them, a practice which might save the farmer a little time but which ruins them for further use.

I would encourage people, (particularly farmers who always need a handy supply of gravel) to think of these bags as a convenient way to handle a variety of materials. They also work very well as easily-handled monster sandbags to divert or contain flood waters.

Be green. Use ag bags creatively.

-John Allen, Harrison Hot Springs

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