Olsen doesn’t deserve front page

Community news more important than child killer

As a resident of Agassiz, and a faithful reader of The Agassiz Harrison Observer, I must say I was truly disappointed with the front page story for the edition dated Friday September 23 about Clifford Olson.

This story had no place in our community paper especially the front page! It had been reported on the news, etc. The front page of our local paper should be highlighted by local events.

I am sure you could have found something more appropriate, ie. more Fall Fair news, or Hope Brigade Days news, maybe even Streamkeepers focusing on Harrison beachfront, Options for adult students or something else, anything else.

I realize we are a small community, but is the Observer not a community paper?

If you do want to report news like this,¬†put it on the last page. Just sayin’.

Maria Morrow