When will Harrison’s spending spree stop?

Dear Editor,

As a resident and taxpayer, I am concerned how our tax dollars are being spent.

In 2010, a budget of $50,000 was allocated to refit one of the bays at the firehall, so that the ladder truck would fit.

The latest budget for this is now $200,000, as it will require a new bay. Why was this not taken into account before the truck was ordered, by the former fire chief?

When is the spending spree going to stop?

­— $18,500 for a Needs Assessment study.

— $31,000 for a Traffic Calming study.

— $17,500 extra for the Memorial Hall.

The mayor’s newsletter in November, stated that the hall was on budget and on time, and now the public is being shut out again, with only one council meeting a month.

I believe 2011 is election year.

D. Hodges