Produce and Parking

Echoes from the past: from the files, March 15, 1956

Farm Recommends Four Varieties Of Cucumbers

Several years of experimental trial at Agassiz have shown that National Pickling, Chicago Pickling, Boson Pickling and Snow’s Pickling are the most productive pickling cucumber varieties. Indications are that Packer, Model and Magnolia may eventually prove to be desirable varieties. However, further trial will be necessary before they can be recommended. Magnolia is three to five days earlier maturing at Agassiz than National Pickling.

Seed source is very important with any crop – for best results buy good seed from a reputable firm.

A very informative pamphlet, entitled “Growing Pickling Cucumbers in the Lower Mainland of B.C. “, discusses all aspects of pickling cucumber production in this area. Copies of the publication may be obtained by writing to the Experimental Farm, Agassiz, B.C. and requesting Circular 404.

Crosswalk Parking Draws Police Ire

R.C.M.P. are cracking down on persons who park cars in the crosswalks at the corner of Pioneer St. And Ferry Road.

Many people are parking cars in front of the Agassiz Restaurant and the Cherry Lunch, particularly near the STOP sign in front of the Cherry Lunch, where there are pedestrian crosswalks and no parking is allowed.

A number of warnings have been issued, and police say that prosecutions will follow unless the practice is stopped.

Mr. P. Was fined $10 and costs by Magistrate A.M. Naismith this week for parking in the crosswalk in front of the Cherry Lunch.

Police said a girl had to walk around his car and might have been hit by another car. They said the road was clear of snow and the crosswalk marks could be plainly seen. They will ask the municipal council to repaint the line, however, and make the crosswalk wider.