Seven makes an appearance on the playgrounds of Agassiz

Innovative packaging on glass bottled water an eye catcher

An innovative product that mimics a vodka bottle has been seen in and around the town of Agassiz sparking controversy as students were seen enjoying its contents freely and to the shock of adults in the community. A variety of pranks were played on questioning onlookers with what appeared to be underage drinkers enjoying vodka on the playground in Pioneer Park.

It turns out, the vodka look-alike is actually bottled water in a glass container that goes by the name Seven. Seven is sold at Red Apple on Pioneer Avenue and it gets a lot of attention in comparison with its water counterparts at the store because of its unique design.

“It’s environmentally friendly, recyclable and the design is interesting, ” said Frances Oliver, a student from ACE enjoying the beverage alongside her peers in the park.

The cheeky design has the effect of creating a double take in the onlooker as one tries to decide if alcohol has become a product at the family-friendly store, or a vodka beverage that has made it into the hands of minors, in the case of the ACE students at Pioneer Park. The marketing and packaging of what Seven states in its mandate is ‘Nature’s perfect container for nature’s perfect drink’ leaves one curious about what’s inside.

With a brief inquiry online, The Observer discovered, the environmentally-friendly and sustainable product offers a water that is made from “pure, natural minerals, in a clear glass that doesn’t interact with the water on the inside,” meaning it won’t leach chemicals and is recyclable.

Seven offers a fun alternative to traditional glass bottles of waters, for those looking to pull a prank, or create conversation around the contents of a bottle that holds natural spring water, as opposed to hard liquor.