LETTER: Throness, Paddon misleading about wolves, caribou

Pauline Carey of Agassiz is unimpressed by candidates’ animal rights stances

Dear Editor:

In last week’s issue of the Observer, both Laurie Throness (former Liberal candidate, now Independent) and Kelli Paddon (NDP) endorsed killing wolves in B.C., claiming that this would assist in the recovery of the caribou population.

This is untrue. While wolves do indeed prey on caribou, research indicates that by far the major cause of caribou decline is human-caused habitat loss (resource extraction, roads and other infrastructure and back country recreation hunting).

For these candidates to claim in one breath that they are anti animal cruelty and in the next to support the senseless killing of our beautiful and iconic B.C. wolves is disingenuous or misinformed.

If animal welfare is important to you, please don’t vote for either of these two candidates.


Pauline Carey


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