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VIDEO: ‘27 Hour Day’ transforms Agassiz into busy film set

Movie to be released in the States in early August

Pioneer Avenue in Agassiz has a bit more hustle and bustle than usual this week.

Hour Road Productions’ “27 Hour Day” is filming in Agassiz through Friday, May 21. Directed by David Winning (“The Crossword Mysteries,” “Sense, Sensibility and Snowmen,” , a cast of Hallmark Movie veterans includes Colleen Wheeler (“X-Men: Evolution,” “Tully,” “Bridal Wave”) , Andrew W. Walker (“Steel Toes,” “Merry and Bright,” “Bottled With Love”) and Rhiannon Fish (“The 100,” “You’re Bacon Me Crazy,” “Aurora Teagarden Mysteries”).

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Pioneer Avenue was set up to depict a busy farmer’s market with a honey festival across the street in Centennial Park, complete with a honeycomb-adorned stage, bee-related merchandise and plenty of honey.

Familiar local businesses were given their own movie makeovers as the Observer became Ladd Veternary Office, Agassiz Deli bcame Lottie’s Cheese Shop and a sign reading Springfield’s Hardward and Garden Supplies can be seen outside Red Apple.

Plot details are currently under wraps, but the movie itself is scheduled for an Aug. 7 release in the States, according to the recently created IMDb page.


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