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LETTER: Public transit in B.C. in desperate need of work



Public transit in the Fraser Valley (From Hope to Delta) has been neglected since 1950.

Most cities in Canada run public transit as a municipal and or regional service (In the same way they provide other services like library, fire and water). We need all the municipalities, regional districts and First Nations to cooperate and provide a proper transit plan to the B.C. government and Federal government.

The B.C. government proposed spending of $4 to $5 billion on a single project – a 16-kilometre SLS SkyTrain to Langley City – which is a big mistake that our local politicians should speak out about. Spending $5 billion on transit is a good idea that is long overdue. This money could be used to double our bus service and bus fleet and provide over 100 km of Regional Rapid Rail Service in the Fraser Valley.

It is unlikely that the B.C. government will approve $10 billion to construct all projects. We have to tell the B.C. government to approve projects that will significantly increase transit ridership, mode split and reduce greenhouse gass emissions and carbon footprint.

With a new B.C. Premier, I look forward to your leadership on this important item.

Nathan Davidowicz