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LETTER: Reconsidering an emergency route

Dear Editor,
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Dear Editor,

Kent-Harrison Joint Emergency Program and respective councils are actively planning to build a road through our Sasquatch Provincial Park. Without data to support the need for this road, they continue to forge ahead and spend our tax dollars.

As we have seen over the past years, extreme environmental events have highlighted the fact that if an emergency evacuation is needed, then Rockwell Drive and Sasquatch Main definitely do not make good candidates for such a route. Do the planners not see the washed-out culverts on Rockwell Drive, the washed-away bridge at Trout Creek or the mudslides on the Sasquatch Main?

I think none of those roads were passable for any vehicle during those extreme environmental events and as such, the road system should not be promoted as a possible evacuation route. I think each one of us should be asking our elected officials why our tax dollars have been spent (and will be spent) on such a foolhardy undertaking. Furthermore, we should be asking why time and effort is been spent on lobbying for provincial funds to support this undertaking. Lastly, we should not stand by while our provincial park, Deer Lake Trail, is being set aside for a road.

John Coles


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