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Sasquatch Mountain weathers tricky ski season

Fraser Valley resort offers tours, live events even when skiing slows down
Like many ski resorts in B.C., Sasquatch Mountain Resort in Hemlock Valley experienced unusually low snowfall this year. They adapted through live events and warm weather attractions. (Photo/Sasquatch Mountain Resort)

With a lack of snow and occasional high-altitude rain, it’s been a tough season for ski resorts across the province and beyond.

Hemlock Valley’s Sasquatch Mountain Resort has successfully weathered the warmer-than-usual conditions as the ski season draws to a close.

Sasquatch Mountain had new snow school programs all ready to go for the new season, but the lower snow and higher temperatures forced staff to adapt. The resort had to put an extended pause on many winter activities until enough snow fell.

“We’ve done everything in our control to make it through and give our season pass holders as well as the general public as much as the snow would permit and other supplementing activities.” said Sasquatch Mountain general manager Todd Muir.

The resort opened up their aerial park, which is traditionally open during warmer seasons. They hosted live entertainment, including a New Year’s Eve celebration, and they opened up their main chairlift four tours of the mountain and the valley below. Guests at the resort also enjoyed snowshoeing tours up near the top of the mountain, where snow remained throughout. The hiking trails are available throughout the year, and Muir expects the five trails spanning about 23 kilometres to continue to attract visitors now and into the spring and summer.

“We’ve taken every curve thrown at us, and we’ve tried to come up with what could still be fun for people up here,” Muir told The Observer. “We’ve had pretty good comments with that, and we’ve got out quite a few days of skiing.”

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