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PHOTOS: As snow settles in, temps drop to record lows in Agassiz

Temps to stay below 0 C until weekend

The weather outside is indeed frightful.

Temperatures dipped into the sub-zero double digits in Agassiz to start off the week, breaking local records on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

According to information from Weather Canada, temperatures dipped down to -12.1 C in the early morning hours, already breaking record cold temperatures for Dec. 19; the previous record was set in 1990 at -11.6C. Weather records for Dec. 19 date back to 1988. On Sunday, temperatures set new records with a low of -10.3 C.

Tuesday’s temperatures broke records early in the morning as well, falling to -12.7 C, breaking a 32-year-old record set at -12.1 C. Tuesday’s significant snowfall closed businesses all across Agassiz-Harrison as a thick layer of snow and freezing temperatures brought the community to a virtual standstill.

Wind chill values dropped temperatures to -25 C to -30 C throughout the Fraser Valley, according to Weather Canada.

Sub-zero temperatures are expected to persist through most of the week until Saturday, in which a high of 3 C is forecasted.

The severe weather also shut down B.C. Transit bussing on Tuesday. Frigid, snowy weather in Agassiz-Harrison may have been a contributing factor to a power outage during the weekend that knocked out electricity for thousands of customers in the area. In some areas, the power was out for nearly five hours. Multiple outages across the area on Sunday (Dec. 18) were attributed to motor vehicle accidents.


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