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SD78 Superintendent: No school closures due to wildfire yet

Schools are equipped with air filters to improve air quality
(Graphic/ SD78)

Fraser-Cascade School District superintendent Balan Moorthy said no school closures due to the Flood Falls Trail wildfire are needed at this time.

In terms of SD78, there haven’t been any wildfire-related school closures in recent memory.

Moorthy posted a letter to staff, students and families online on Sunday evening. While school closures may not be on the table, Moorthy said the district is working with district staff and families in the affected areas to offer support as needed. Air quality issues are widespread in the Fraser Valley, SD78 schools are equipped with high-quality air filters, which would curb the side effects of the smoke and particulate matter in the air due to the wildfires.

“As always, it’s a parent’s decision to send their child to school based on safety and individual circumstances,” Moorthy wrote. “If you feel it is unsafe for you or your child to travel or attend an open school for any reason, please keep your child at home and report their absence for school.”

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