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Appliances are the finishing touch for Lower Mainland luxury builds, renos

Midland Appliance provides uncompromising service to builders, designers and B.C. homeowners
Midland Appliance hosts exclusive events, in partnership with community and industry partners, at their designer showrooms in Vancouver, Richmond, Langley and Abbotsford. Photo courtesy Midland Appliance

When it comes to award-winning new builds and renovations of luxury homes in the Lower Mainland, Midland Appliance has been a significant partner in many of them.

As Homebuilders Association Vancouver celebrates excellence with its 2024 HAVAN Awards, it makes sense to spotlight how this collaborative approach and building of long-term relationships is creating living spaces that work well for homeowners.

In any field, working with a specialist often yields the best results. To this end, Midland Appliance has cultivated a stable of appliance experts with the experience, skills and creativity to help designers, builders and homeowners find solutions for their kitchens, laundry areas and outdoor living spaces.

Further honing that specialization, the company has created distinct divisions that have helped it gain an even bigger foothold in the luxury homebuilding and renovation market.

Midland Appliance has three specialized teams that work closely with builders and designers so they can tailor selections to their project needs. Photo courtesy Midland Appliance

Midland’s dedicated designer sales team works with interior designers, the single-family builder division teams with custom builders, and multi-family account managers work with developers. The retail division serves homeowners, realtors, renovators and trades professionals in showrooms in Vancouver, Richmond, Langley and the newest location in Abbotsford.

“Our goal within our (three specialized teams) is to work closely with builders and designers so we can tailor the appliances to their project needs,” says sales and marketing team member Sylvia McDonald. Superior product knowledge and experience working with industry professionals is crucial given the scope of some projects, she adds.

“Things change all the time, there’s constantly updates and new products, so our role is to educate those professionals on the latest trends …”

Speaking of trends, Blomberg has emerged as a flagship brand for Midland. Considered at a premium rather than a luxury price point, its kitchen and laundry appliances fit the budget for many projects. Blomberg’s focus on energy efficiency – it was first to market a ventless, heat-pump dryer – is appreciated by homeowners looking to reduce power use.

Midland Appliance’s new Abbotsford location welcomes homeowners, realtors, renovators and trades professionals looking for quality appliances and friendly, knowledgeable service. Photo courtesy Midland Appliance

McDonald says designers like the easy integration and style, builders point to the quality, longevity and cost-effectiveness and end users like that all servicing is done through Midland’s partners at Pacific Specialty Brands in Burnaby.

“And architects are very driven, especially in Vancouver, for their projects to be net zero or passive homes,” she says. “Blomberg products will, because of their energy efficiency, tick all the boxes.”

Midland marks its 40th year in May by hosting a major celebration and fundraiser, continuing its active support of community organizations with events in its showrooms.

In 2023, nearly $100,000 was raised for such local charitable partners as the Home Lottery – supporting the VGH and UBC Hospital foundations, BC Burn Fund and Children’s Hospital Foundation – and Vancouver Firefighter Charities with Midland’s popular Fire in the Kitchen.

Midland’s fourth location, which opened in Abbotsford in February, will host a grand opening celebration later this year, offering yet another opportunity to give back.

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